About Accounting Practice Sales

What we do

APS assists accounting business owners achieve the best result for a full or partial sale, merger or acquisition. This can include anything from a small parcel of tax client’s right through to a multi-partner firm.

We will assist you in determining the asking price for your firm and show you how best to position your business in the market. We will then use our experience, negotiation skills and market knowledge to commence a structured confidential approach, to ensure you achieve a great result.

So whether you have a CPA based firm or a Chartered Accountancy practice or a Tax Agent and member of other Industry body we can help.

Our brokers

APS have selected the best licensed brokers who will take the time to understand what you are trying to achieve from your sale, help you reach your goals and match the right buyer to your business whilst ensuring a smooth exit.

We understand many stakeholders are involved in a sale; from your family, partners and employees and of course your clients. Most owners have spent considerable time and effort to establish and grow their business, in most cases over many years. This alone should motivate any business owner to ensure they use a licensed and experienced broker.

Selling can be stressful for a variety of reasons, but it doesn’t have to be that way. By working with a licensed broker who can guide and advise through the process, stress can be minimised and costly pitfalls avoided.


APS brokers have associations with a number of professional firms that can assist practices in a number of areas. We encourage the use of industry based professionals and are happy to recommend professionals that can help. These include:

  • Tax Lawyers
  • Commercial Lawyers
  • Business Coaches
  • Bankers
  • Commercial Loan Brokers
  • Financial Planners
  • Due Diligence and Compliance Reviews

Our Agents


Business Broker

matt taylor

Matthew is the founder of Accounting Practice Sales. He holds a degree in Economics and Finance, Dip. of Mortgage Broking, Dip. of Financial Planning, and is a Licensed Business Broker. Matthew has a complete understanding of the acquisition and valuation process of Accounting and financial services firms and has assisted the acquisition and funding of over 100 financial services firms, ranging from small boutique firms to large listed companies. He provides a wealth of knowledge to any company looking to engage his assistance in areas of acquisitions, mergers, succession, business transition and exits.


Associate Director

charles nakkour

Charles Nakkour is a Licensed Associate with Accounting Practice Sales. He is an accomplished business development and improvement specialist with a diverse and proven record in overseeing business growth and innovation through strategic planning, implementation and layered industry networking.   Having recently spent 5 yrs acquiring accounting practices for a large national network, Charles truly understands the industry, managing buyer/seller expectations and has a specialist handle on the acquisition process.   Charles' success over the last 15 years across various industry placements were achieved from his passion to:   [list] [li type="glyphicon-plus"]your list content[Understand business drivers and markets;] [li type="glyphicon-plus"]your list content[Drive deep analysis to identify costs, patterns, risks and opportunities;] [li type="glyphicon-plus"]your list content[Develop, implement and monitor solutions and strategies;] [li type="glyphicon-plus"]your list content[Build strong relationships and engagement; and] [li type="glyphicon-plus"]your list content[Adopt project based leadership] [/list]   He has a skill for bringing discussions back to the core issues where parties might otherwise become mired in trivial details. For companies seeking sound transaction management Charles ensures deals stay on track and will keep the focus on the final outcome.   Qualifications: Member Institute of Public Accountants and Licensed Business Broker.